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About us

DailyBrain is an innovation agency working hard to build awesome products using Agile Methodologies, Software Craftsmanship & DevOps principles.


We have a wide set of skills including
Agile coaching, Reactive Applications, Big Data & Cloud computing.


We love to share our skills and passion with others :)

  • Elasticsearch

    2 days

    ElasticSearch is definitly the most popular OpenSource near real-time search engine, powering analytics and graph exploration ! This training provide a deep understanding of all major features and internal working including Lucene.

  • Ansible

    2 days

    Ansible is the simplest way to manage distributed systems and applications deployement, both on Premise or in the Cloud. Simple, powerful and Agentless, it will be your easiest way to Immutable Infrastructure and DevOps.

  • Continuous Delivery and ChatOps

    2 days

    You will learn how to satisfy your customers through early and continuous delivery of valuable software, using GoCD and Hubot. You will be able to deploy or rollback your solution safely on any environment.

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